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10 Weird Cricket Facts

Cricket is a sport that is full of fascinating and sometimes bizarre facts. From unusual player records to unusual events, there are plenty of weird cricket facts that you may not know. Here are 10 of the weirdest cricket facts:

  1. The shortest cricket match ever played lasted just 10 minutes. It took place between England and Australia in 1877, and England won by just 45 runs.
  2. The first international cricket match was played between Canada and the United States in 1844, more than 30 years before the first official Test match.
  3. The highest individual score in a Test match is 400 not out, which was achieved by Brian Lara of the West Indies against England in 2004.
  4. In 1992, during a match between Pakistan and England, the umpire David Shepherd famously stood on one leg whenever the score was on multiples of 111, in honour of his lucky number.
  5. The lowest score ever recorded in a Test match innings is 26, achieved by New Zealand against England in 1955.
  6. Australian cricketer Glenn McGrath took his 500th Test wicket with a no-ball, meaning that the wicket didn't count.
  7. In 1983, Zimbabwe played their first Test match against India, but the match was abandoned due to rain without a ball being bowled.
  8. Sri Lanka's Muttiah Muralitharan is the leading wicket-taker in Test cricket, with 800 wickets.
  9. The fastest century in a Test match was scored by West Indian Viv Richards in just 56 balls against England in 1986.
  10. During the 1932-33 Ashes series, the Australian team were so dominant that they won the series 4-1, and the series became known as the "Bodyline Series" due to the controversial tactic of bowling short-pitched deliveries aimed at the body of the batsmen.

In conclusion, cricket is a sport that is full of weird and wonderful facts, and these 10 facts are just a small sample of the many unusual stories and records that make cricket such an interesting and unique sport. Whether you are a die-hard cricket fan or just a casual observer, these weird cricket facts are sure to surprise and entertain you.